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A View Into the Future (for "Parcels for the Promised Land") is a shoe-box  transformed into a kaleidoscope. Pictures of walls with tiny openings showing the area behind it are stuck on the box and its cover. Holding the box near to your eye, you can see through the kaleidoscope. The view through the closed box shows a blossoming dandelion.

Opening the box, you can take out the kaleidoscope. At the top there is an angel pointing his finger at the lens of the kaleidoscope.

The action Parcels for the Promised Land is an art project entitled 'Children on the run' initiated by Sharam Entekhabi, the first part of a series of exhibitions and actions to support children caught in crisis areas. The Art works deal with frontier regimes, racism, migration and isolationism, with relevance to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A View Into the Future

Parcel for the Promised Land
Shoe-box, Diapositve, Collage, div. materials

34,5 x 21 x 15 cm